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My phone rang. I was sleeping and was awoken by the vibrating motion of the phone lying beside my pillow. It was Olivia.

I sprung slowly and made a short cough, and pressed the answer key. A simple and cold question of ‘yes?’. It wasn’t my normal way of answering business calls. Olivia wasn’t a client anyway. The other line was silent, and faintly I began to hear sobs. Another crying lady. What happened Olivia? She wasn’t answering. And now she’s breathing heavily. I’m sleeping, call me when you’re calm. I pressed the off-call and lay on my bed once again. I was sure she would call again. Five minutes later, while I was half-asleep, my phone rang again. I answered it without opening my eyes, without even stirring much on my bed. I hadn’t uttered a word yet and Olivia spoke on the phone. Amazingly, she’s talking in a clear voice. Crystal and piercing voice, as I call it. Meet me on the lobby in half an hour. I’m on my way there. She dropped off the call after just ten seconds.

It was always like this. But I was ready to be on this scenario again; I was always expecting something like this to happen anytime. Somehow, I wanted to see her too.

Still in bed, eyes closed and feeling the comfort of the fluffy cushion and pillows for the next fifteen minutes after the call. I was still lying there, motionless. Then I suddenly stood up. It was time to prepare for our meeting.

I walked out from the shower and was drying myself twenty minutes later when I received her message, saying she was already down on the road. I replied OK, will be there in another 10 minutes. I found myself then in grey loose shirt and a khaki short as I stepped out of my room. I walked the walls of the 18th floor of West of Ayala to get to the elevator. Slow movement. The elevator came, I went inside, and in mere seconds, I’m on the ground floor. Now where’s Olivia?

I came to the lobby to find her. She wasn’t there. I asked the receptionist if she had seen a lady waiting inside. She uttered a brisk no with a smile; I smiled back and said thanks, then went outside. I found Olivia dressed in a neat shiny black jacket and short leather skirt as she was waiting outside the entrance of the condo, puffing some smoke, staring at the passing cars. She sensed my presence as I came near. She looked at my direction and quickly threw off her cigarette. Let’s drink, she opened, as she popped on a candy to her mouth. From a couple of times that this scenario had happened, I had already known how to come up with a sweet introduction. I slowed my pace, and coming at her side, I kissed her cheek, and embraced her. The first thing I noticed was the smell of her thick long hair, which through the layer of smoke I caught a whiff of Pantene shampoo. What came next was a series of silent sobs coming from this girl. I miss you, let’s get away right now. I let her go and stared at her eyes. Those cat-like eyes, piercing as well as her voice, the eyes much like those of Olivia Wilde’s, which interestingly share this damsel’s name. I gave a chuckle and broke away. Nah, I’m tired. Let’s just stay in my unit until I plan something out. I walked away and proceeded towards the entrance door. She came walking after me, then joined my side. She put my right arm on hers, and then folded her arms. From another person’s view, it might as well be like a scene from a Wong Kar-Wai movie, a typical bad-ass guy together with a quiet girl walking inside a pub, the aura of an alpha male radiating without borders. I gave another smile to the lobbyists as we headed towards the elevator. They smiled back, but a faint smile as an answer.

Olivia broke away from my grasp and quickly turned around to face me. I think it’s game time again, I thought. She stared at me. I could see her eyes dilating. The bright glow of the whole building made me see her face once again. A thin lipstick cover, and though she wore no make-up, she was as pale white like a swan. I could hint some loss of sleep on her part. It never mattered to me. She was always like this.

Promise never to leave me? She asked. I was quite shocked by this sudden hold-up. The elevator came and opened. The people came rushing in. I stared at her for a while, and then held her hand as we walked inside. She kept her face down, and I looked blankly forward. Still I held her hand until we reached our floor.

Olivia went out first as the door opened. She was released from my grasp. As she walked along the corridor, I looked at my watch to see the time. Eight or nine minutes past 11 o’clock. Olivia stood at the front of Room 1808, waiting for me. She was still looking down. I reached out for the door and was about to slide the card key when she stopped my hand. I saw her smile. She let her hair fall. What an amazing beauty. She looked up at me, and I was thinking stop the drama please. But she was smiling brightly now. Let’s go to the penthouse instead. Let’s go to upmost floor. All I thought of at that moment was the helipad up. Helipad. Seriously? I felt a sudden urge inside my veins that tell me to accept the offer. I became thrilled.

Ok, let’s go.

I reached her hand again and we walked back to the elevator. I wasn’t sure if it was allowed or what, but I need to satisfy my urge. I also need to make this lady had the best joy in her life. No, not even sex can give. Not just plain chocolates or flowers. Something worth more than life.

We came to the topmost floor. From there we went to the fire exit to get to the stairs, then up to the helipad. It was potentially unsafe, of course, but it was fun a million times more. The danger, the excitement. Wasn’t sure of the security guarding the place, but we easily got on, opened the big red door that says STOP, and out to the vast cement field under the star-laden sky. We ran, yes, we ran as if neither of us cared if we die or the wind sweeps us to the edge. On the center we stood, back to back, and saw the bright lights that cover the whole Makati city. Then far beyond were the fiery lights of the giant buildings of Mandaluyong, and to the South, the dancing lights of Pasay. It seems like the land below reflected the glow of the stars above, for on both horizons the twinkles remain constant. I then realized at that moment that I don’t have anyone to depend on but her, as she on me, while we stood like the only ones left of this earth.

I sat in Indian position; she sat on a fashionably way. We were side by side, her head resting on my shoulder. What happened, Olivia? You were the star of our past, the most important person in our childhood days. The top of the class, the envy of all. I asked her without waiting for an answer. I think we understood how this process always went along.

We stayed there for the longest time, and we savored the chill of the early morn. Unexpectedly we’ll both laugh, insane as it may sound. At some point she would sob. Yet we never talked. Silence was our words.

I think I need to die now. Death. Dead then be reborn, she said.

I never understood what she meant. I always let her speak, for I know her mind was in chaos. I wasn’t even her lover, nor was she mine; I can’t expect myself to restrain her. We could be considered a couple with no commitment as neither friends nor lovers. We’re just plainly here, existing for each other.

I’ll kill you, only if you promise to be back anew, I followed her rant. We chuckled.

Olivia made a gesture, a smile. Her eyes looked upon me. I looked upon hers too. No kiss; it’s stereotypical. She uttered the words I love- and was cut off. Olivia as Olivia was dead. Olivia was born anew.