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a red car. we were sitting inside the red car, on which the doors were flung open for the 2AM breeze to blow in. a red car under the large mango tree, the mango tree under the vast starry sky above. it was a very fantastical scenario.

we were sitting inside the red car. me and her. i was on the passenger seat, and she was at the back, probably curled up to lay. or was sitting, perhaps. i wasn’t looking at her, i was just amazed at the star-dusted velvet blanket. we were talking of stuffs. candid, sensual, funny stuffs. if you think this is a love story, then you’d guess wrong. this ain’t another 500 days of summer-theme as well. though i was busy spotting the different alignment of the heavenly bodies, i was listening to her story. her love story.

oh wait. excuse me. his love story.

bad as it may seem, but we were having delight at talking about this guy who’s silently courting her. yet we can’t judge situation. i on my part has no right to judge as well. she, perhaps can, but it was heartbreaking too to break another heart. and seemingly, the breezy evening was not paying attention either.

victoria. your choice, your life.

the doors were flung open for the 2AM breeze to blow in. a cold summer mid-morning.