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more than a decade ago, the youngsters and the blooming generation were thinking of perhaps the same type of predicament: what if Ninoy did not die, will Cory still become a President?

many say she wasn’t capable of handling the government that time and that the highest position of the nation was not really meant for her, if only Ninoy was not shot dead years prior to the 1986 government revolution.

there’s one thing i seriously think was the main reason she won over: the Filipinos were full of emotions. we were the most well-known peace huggers of the world that time. of course, when people are suppressed, they tend to get emotional about freedom. exactly what happened to the baby boomers within and after martial law.

so far, it turned out great. i guess after the great flood, we need a time for rest and re-structure. the beloved Yellow Mother’s reign, although with burning countless coup-d’etat attempts, did made the Filipinos bind through, with a new race to be proud of.

just that i want to emphasize on the word EMOTION as the key to president Cory’s victory. emotion. feelings of a unified nation. she was there at the right time. a motherly support for all the children on the Three Stars. i can’t say she used it, but i am in such awe of her, with the same motherly respect for her, of what she has done (or maybe the history books just fed it up to my head). but that’s enough. it was on the past already, and it wasn’t my fight. my fight happens to be right now.

now back to our days, to this year of 2010. last year, President Cory died. not of martyrdom, but of natural cause. it was, in a sense, natural. no government-related type of death shit. yet politics still find it’s way to use the current events to become tool of mass control.

we now all know that the “son” of the “mother” is currently running for the presidential seat in the coming elections. just plain bullshit. yes, i am disgusted. it’s my right, it’s how i think it is. it’s not how i FEEL about it, it’s how i THINK about it.

that noynoy guy is clearly using the same strategy as what had happened before. he’s feeding on the EMOTIONS of the people to get to the seat. not that it matters to some, but they themselves succumb to this national “decision” to vote for him.

so what is definitely wrong about it?

politics is like stage play. if you don’t know about it, and want to know more about it, then be aware. you don’t need to go up the ladder or become an official. you can clearly see it from down here. only if you bigger eyes to look at it. plus bigger brains. the LP candidate uses the notion for people to FEEL the need for a kind-hearted and new type of president to rule to country. same goes for his running mate. walang corruption, hindi ako magnanakaw, pag-asa ng bayan. that’s common shit in politics. corruption has been a part of society. you can’t just let it go down the drain in an instant. everyone is dirty once you play in politics. the “evil” things that actually befell on the tainted government right now actually were roots of past decisions ruled by feelings. if you want a clean government, you may perhaps opt to create a robot, reading and working based on the programs of law.

the truth is, i don’t find any rationality on noynoy’s platform. not a single factual thing. it’s all just theoretical. we’ve been hearing the same stuffs since the age of dawn, but not a single soul has done anything about it, about the “evil” that feeds the government. im not looking at how the government shall be cleansed; im looking at how it shall be smoothly ran with a new head of state. people believe the answer to a rotten government is for a cleaning man to clean the job. if i’m to be asked, there should be no government to rule us after all, but that’s not likely to happen at these times. and that’s not the point of this article. you see, we don’t need a leader of jesus-like abilities or virtue. we need a non-fictional character with a clear rational head to rule. people with clear thoughts and decides with reason and not just because i-think-i’m-kind-hearted-therefore-i-should-rule mentality.

did we see this coming? no.

what if President Cory did not die. what may happen? will there be a Noynoy-turned-supposed-to-be-messiah that’s gonna run?

the people should seriously think about the situation right now. it’s not 1986 anymore. there’s no tyranny that is running on to control us, only ourselves. we are not a nation of just emotional cry-baby’s; we’re a million-fold country of wise thinkers and creative decision-makers. we’re one or two generations ahead of those martial law times. we should choose who to elect based on our thoughts.

i don’t want Noynoy to be our president.  i want anyone but him. he’s a public figure since ages ago, and i’ve seen his actions and thoughts. it’s not fit for the seat. if he’s going to win, my predictions is that our country shall be in chaos again. the promises shall end short as always. but i am believing there’s a big chance he will not win.

say what about corruption and the others, do i say we just need to accept it? of course not, we don’t want to be giving away our fruits of labour to the pockets of our politicians. but these vices are happening all the time, in micro or national level. how you deal on your neighbours, how you try to make things to just level yourself up, is the same as that. the only advise on how to completely destroy corruption is to rightfully look at ourselves, check and correct our actions, and duplicate.

im no political-junkie anymore, but i need to let this one out of my head.