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urban manila is a state of mixed wavelengths. people try to search for bliss, of which they sync in with others, infecting their own culture with mainstream mania. while more than half of the population clearly are victims of pop media, there are still a fraction that believes in deviation by individualism or group creation, or cynically both.

but the World sees the urban city as an abode for either happy settlers or crazy copycats. a mirror of the white people in a third world setting.

by one reason, it is because they failed the test of command. they became blind prisoners of technology.

the whole has been digitized.

and that’s what the world sees, a single identity to mark the whole.

so what about the liberals, would they be hurt to be included in this brand?

the lowest of the fake idealists shall say “fuck you, we’re not like whores.”

yet most of the real freethinkers, otherwise, shall utter not a single word.

the crusaders of the old ran to fulfill a mission. their discipline was their front weapon. the modern era of the illuminated in the urban city shall walk and talk and rock like the same.

vintage is the idol to be. vintage is the fluid that should still flow. mechanics and the gears that will stir the direction.

the people fear the old, they fear the tradition. they as well succumb to the power of easy life.

the liberals are fans of the analog life. from this simple pulse, the waves of modern thinking for a better living shall broadcast.

and the city shall be free.

capture and command your station.


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